Customer Service


Any items purchased online will be repaired or modified by Shay Lowe Jewellery Design. Items may be subject to a repair or replacement fee if not covered under warranty. Please note that depending on when the repair is requested, certain components may not be available on older items.

Any items that have been damaged by dropping, chipping, or scratches to the item will be subject to a replacement fee.

Shipment of the piece to/from Shay Lowe Jewellery is subject to a fee.


Any items that require adjustment to size or materials will be subject to a fee.


Please ensure your order is correct before processing. Any errors in item selection, size, or colour on items received may be subject to shipping fees for return of your items and reshipment.


Each item must be handled delicately. We recommend polishing the crystals with a soft cloth using after wearing your piece. Do not immerse any Shay Lowe Jewellery items in jewellery cleaner.

Handle your items with care. With crystal, always lay the piece down on a soft surface and gently to prevent wear and chipping on the crystal.

We also recommend ensuring that skin is dry, perfume and suntan lotion free (or very well dried) when handling or wearing any of our items. Do not apply any perfume or hairspray in close range while wearing any of your pieces. This may affect the polish of your jewellery.

Store your jewellery in their supplied boxes or another appropriate setting.

Most importantly, enjoy your beautiful pieces! If you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to assist you. Please contact us at during regular business hours.

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